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Go on a holiday to the prisoner nation

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At least 300 hundred years ago, the world was very small. The British were still settling in their colonies. The industrial revolution was at least seventy years away. In that time, a tiny, water locked land was used for exiling prisoners. What the authorities of that time didn’t understand was that, land wasn’t so tiny. It was in fact quite large. This land and its residents instead of feeling sad about how they were treated focused on being better. They built up into what is now the very well structured Australia. Be it scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef or sports, this country has proved itself everywhere.

Australia is known for its grit, it’s never say die attitude and its strength of character. It is the land of kookaburra and kangaroos. It is a place of tall sky scrapers and wide stretches of fields. It houses people of diverse regions and it has facilities comparable to the best in the world. If you are a person looking to go on a holiday, this country ranks high as a tourist spot.

Since nowadays the concept of a group of people coming together to do one thing on a holiday is a tad old, going on a holiday at a particular place is difficult. This is because every place has one particular kind of things which it is known for. Australia solves this problem of modern dynamic families by providing holiday experiences of almost all kind.

If you are a foodie, you could travel around the country, trying out sea food, burgers, delightful street food or the classy cuisine of one of Sydney’s high end restaurants. Australia has a large palette of food with innovations in every dish from entrée to dessert.

If you like opera, the Sydney Opera house is a must visit. The design of its seating arrangements and the beautiful plays which are enacted there are breath-taking.

If you are a nature lover, there are two main animals which you will find in abundance in this country. They are the intriguing kangaroos and the cute koala bears. Kangaroos are famous for their jumping and their ‘mother pouches’.

If you love the sea, Australia has one of the most wonderful beaches with surfing and diving being one of the favorite activities of the people there. If you love Scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef is one experience you must not miss in life. The corals there are life changing.

It also has excellent art houses, museums and other social hang outs. So if you are a family of diverse interests looking for a holiday together, the Aussie is the place to be.

If you want to experience scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, undergo extreme sea sports, witness kangaroos, koala bears, giraffes, cricket, hockey, museums, diverse population and if you own that thirst for being better, why don’t you do it now? Also, the Australian government in order to promote tourism has requested the national airline to allow flights at a lower cost to people around the world. So stop thinking and book your tickets to the prisoner nation.